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Have a task in hand to do with website creation or development? EezyyWeb is the perfect destiny for your website requirement. We will do using platforms like WordPress CRM which will help you to modify the site on your own as well. WTML or PHP based on your need and requirement. Then go for it which adds life to your ordinary web page. Since this is related to ‘development’, we need to work on the coding part to build the same. This starts from HTML and if you are adding more styles to the page then you can implement CSS. Next up is the JavaScript programming language as a part of front-end development, adding more motions to your webpage.

All these programming languages will be stuffed to bring the ‘website’ and in continuation, the jQuery library will be added to different front-end frameworks and some of them include angular 8 and react JS frameworks. All these frameworks cover the front-end part of web application and towards the backend, we need to look into NodeJS. The front-end pictures what the user sees when they load any website and this includes the content, design, and the way you are interacting with the website. Apart from this, there are lot more back-end frameworks that can be used in the web application.

The frameworks are usually designed to support the development of a website that includes web services, web resources, and other inclusive web APIs. Any website that is built will be deployed in the www platform and these frameworks will be helpful to provide a standard way of building and deploying the web application. Now, the connection between the backend and frontend is the database whereas the backend uses the database to generate the front-end, which is also meant to be the client-side and the server-side development of the website. Create dynamic websites with exciting ideas!

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